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100-Year Celebration

One Hundred Years of Community

In 1918, Ed Smith opened on the corner of Lancaster and Broad St. in the Syracuse’s University neighborhood. It was the first one-story structure school building to be built in Syracuse.

Edward Smith

The name of the school honors a very influential man in the history of Syracuse public schools. Edward Smith was a teacher and principal of 25 years and was elected for 23 consecutive years as the Superintendent of Syracuse City Schools. It has a strong history of community involvement since its inception 100 years ago. That tradition continues to this day.

Currently, Ed Smith is a PreK-8th grade public school with approximately 750 students from diverse backgrounds from all over the city of Syracuse. This year Ed Smith is celebrating its 100th anniversary. At this time, the school is being renovated to prepare students for the next century.

We invite the community to celebrate with us throughout this upcoming school year. We look forward to hearing many stories about Ed Smith School and the sharing of old pictures and memories from the past 100 years.

Events and Activities

Help us make Ed Smith's Centennial great! Send an email to one of the contacts listed to get involved.

PTO Website
Adam Gaus
EdwardSmithPTO [at] gmail [dot] com
Restoring PTO Website to use as a hub of information & PR. link to Facebook, SCSD
Fashion Show
KayAScott [at] yahoo [dot] com
Coordinate Fashion Show through the decades at Nottingham and at the Gala.
Sponsors for Ads
Principal Barber
SBarber [at] scsd [dot] us
Sell ads for various – Cookbook, Fashion Show, Gala Program
Tile Mural
Mrs. Mahan & Anne Cofer
ACofer2013 [at] gmail [dot] com
Design a new tile mural that will be installed in the renovation, and part of the ribbon cutting ceremony.
Nottingham Volunteers Honor Society
Don Little
DLittle [at] scsd [dot] us
Recruit alumni at Nottingham for volunteers for various needs/events.
National Historic Registry
John Auwaerter
JohnAuwaerter [at] gmail [dot] com
Apply for registration on the Registry of National Historic Places.
100 Alumni Data Base Invites
Virginia F./ Kate T.
VFelleman [at] gmail [dot] com
Develop database for invitations and communications, and collect names with biographies for Wall of Fame for Gala.
Video Project
Tula Goenka & Myron Holmes
MHolmes [at] scsd [dot] us
Collaborate to make a compilation of video footage taken over the years.
Student School Year Activities
Principal Barber
SBarber [at] scsd [dot] us
Coordinate teacher ideas into monthly activities connected to the anniversary to implement with students.
VP Lessie Williams
LWilliams2 [at] scsd [dot] us
Design promotional materials for all events and PR with media and SCSD.
History Nostalgic Syracuse Soap Box Race
Kate Tricome
KTricome [at] scsd [dot] us
Network through Nostalgic Syracuse for archival research, alumni referral to invite list. Soapbox Race!
Mementos, Spirit Gear
Emily Hart-Gorman
EHart-Gorman [at] scsd [dot] us
Sell 100th Gear and student logo winners on gear, memorabilia & branding.
100 Recipes Cook Book
Kate Saufley
KESaufley [at] yahoo [dot] com
Coordinate community recipes over the past 100 years for a final Cookbook for sale at the Gala.
Family Pre-Gala Events
KarenCordano [at] aol [dot] com
Coordinate family events including pot-luck dinner, fashion show and play excerpts, and video. Gear Sale.
  The BIG GALA @ Ed Smith!
PTO/Principal Barber
SBarber [at] scsd [dot] us
Coordinate the Dinner Gala - entertainment, and volunteers for set-up of the event / Gear Sale.


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